Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Information Thieves

The Information Thieves
by ML Katz

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From the beginning of history, to a high-tech future, mankind has always survived on information. A generation after the Big Flood (Raft People), Houston is under water and Tokyo is a floating city. 
Meanwhile, in Dallas....

The giant global corporations dominate the top levels of society. The ambitious scientist, Dr. Julia Levi, idealizes her employer and disbelieves the bad press until it may be too late. 
A young man remembers everything that happened to an ancient hunter 30,000 years ago. 
A girl is saved from a floating salvage yard. Is she really, Tomoe, a female samurai from history? 
Anarchistic Fat City blooms as a tent city right across from the souring high tech IQ car freeways. Julia's half-sister, Jenny, starts to spend a lot of time there with Julia's estranged father. She stops communicating with Julia. But why? 
Eli, Julia's brother, starts out as only a mild embarrassment because he works in a garage office, communicates with the "Russian Cousins", and participates in the Merry Men - a group that Julia thinks are simply nerdy gamers.  The Merry Men are really idealistic hackers, attempting to uncover crimes and ethical violations that World Tech's leaders will do anything to keep secret.

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