Friday, December 21, 2012

Time Heist

Time Heist
by Inpei Futsuni

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A team of vindictive immortals travels back through time in order to pull off the biggest, most elaborate heist of their lifetime. Sixteen year-old Acelsior Nye finds out about it in the most cryptic of ways, and things take a turn for the worst when he discovers the identity of the mastermind behind said heist: him, from two years in the future. In a hopeful ploy to understand his motives, he and his best friend Anna engage in a frenzied race against time, fending off metaphysical forces across the Frequencies and facing the almighty Tetra, a conglomerate of powerful necromancers whose lowest branch, the Council, is hell bent on acquiring the object of the theft before they do. But as the quest for the legendary artifact draws near, Ace begins to realize that nothing ever was as it seemed…
“Time Heist”, first entry in the EDGE OF TIME series, is an entertaining tale of friendship and second chances, peppered throughout with epic battles, romance, and psychological warfare, the intricacy of which challenges the reader to think above and beyond. Fans of the Harry Potter series and fantasy enthusiasts will feel right at home.

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