Friday, December 21, 2012

Visions of Gaea: Ascension

Visions of Gaea: Ascension
by R. R. Vaz

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What if Mankind evolved into a new species?
What would happen if the Laws of Nature began collapsing?
How does the afterlife look like?
Visions of Gaea is an attempt to answer some of life's most intangible questions through an immersive plot narrated by Mother Nature. By taking the perilous journey through the unstable Tides of Fate, Mother Nature grants the main character a chance to see events as they are when unbound by the shackles of time and space.
The First Vision is set in Darm, an advanced metropolis built by the descendants of Mankind for the purpose of finding a cure for the Torment, the disease that led to our extinction and that after six thousand years continues to plague all life on Artica...

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