Saturday, February 2, 2013


Socialite: Mission to Mission
by Martin Renaud
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The critical first stage of the Amis’ mission was a resounding success. Fantastically cunning and manipulative fourteen-year-old Elle Amis has creatively inserted herself into the lives of her neighbours, the Liebes, simultaneously shattering the emotional barrier between Jacob and his chosen protector and guardian Ryan Poole, Jacob’s former enemy, and, establishing an initial bond of affection between herself and Jacob. As the Christmas season approaches, and their relationship strengthens, Jacob remains unaware of Elle’s ultimate plans for his life. Her parents, Ray and Grace, however, are distracted by the destruction of Socialite servers around the world, and the associated catastrophes that are killing hundreds of people. Ray’s investigations lead him to suspect that Benny, a persuasive and wealthy evangelist, is the cyberterrorist. Ray uncovers a link between the Socialite attacks, Benny’s organization and the events of Jacob’s previous novelty night, that threatens the safety of Elle, Jacob and all of their friends. Ray realizes that their mission may be lost unless he cautiously reveals some of his secrets to the Liebes so they can help stop Benny before it’s too late.

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