Thursday, May 9, 2013

Those Emotions: 21 Things You Wish You Knew

Those Emotions: 21 Things You Wish You Knew
by Daniel Speraw


Negative feelings do heave, yank and drag down the quality of life, day by day; they can even push us away from those we care about, which is why much of this book is about releasing anger, sadness, guilt and the like.


It will give you that one often overlooked element for releasing negative emotions (#9 & #10).

You will recognize the most popular way of trying to stop guilt—you know, the one that doesn’t quite work—and you will know how to make it work for you (#1thru #4).
You will also know what to do with uncomfortable feelings that come up around loud children (#18).
Forgiveness too: so simple to talk about; so simple to do; and so very difficult to continue doing—some helpful tips await you (#5 & #6).
And so much more. Best of all, while making these discoveries, you will find yourself being entertained. Yes, entertained!


I hope your chair is equipped with a seat belt, because this book has some jolting (read unusual) ideas and approaches (and takes an uncommon look at normal approaches), all to get you thinking in new ways.
IF YOU DO indeed turn these pages, you will find yourself flipped below the surface of life, straight to the heart of those hurtful problems, and you can gain an array of new ways to take action.

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It does not take an entire book, or even 15 pages to understand a simple solution. One or 3 pages is usually enough, and here is a book that does it short, sweet and on the run.
You can also add the word entertaining, because you have never seen solutions presented in this way.
IS THIS BOOK REALLY ALL THAT? See for yourself by scrolling up, looking left and clicking the “Look Inside” icon.


You should definitely compile all of these columns into a book! I would buy it straight away. PARTIKIN
The title is an understatement. The unique way that the author explains examples of everyday griefs, gripes, and negative thoughts and then in turn gives insightful solutions to help you change your mindset in small simple ways that everyone can implement at their own pace and comfort level. It has definitely left me thinking. GOODIEGUNTZ
I have nominated you for the Very Inspirational Blogger Award. Keep up the great writing! ANONYMOUS
I felt like you were writing this to me! lol. I am going through this exact thing at work right now. What an interesting approach. I am already imagining the look on my boss’s face when I decide to let her win in our next discussion. Thank you. ANN
When the ego rears its ugly head, Speraw has his finger right on its jugular. With a touch of levity, he adeptly analyses common emotions and life situations to help the reader see through the veils of habit and peer pressure initiated behaviors. I consider this a meaningful read for understanding contemporary cultural quandaries. JAMI

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